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“The madd dawgz from Wuppertal aka Wu-Tals finest aka the peoples choice”

RUNNING IRIE SOUND was founded 2002 in Wuppertal, Germany by Fahda Bandelero. We`re on the road with Bandelero, Deumo & Silva.

RUNNING IRIE SOUND plays all kinds of Jamaican music, from Reggae to Dancehall, spiced with a likkle bit HipHop, Afrobeats & Bassmusic. Over the years RUNNING IRIE SOUND has earned the reputation as “the peoples choice sound” through their finest selection,creativity and the love to the music. Our motivation is to present a quality musical selection, madd jamaican entertainment and make the listeners forget their troubles for one night. Because of the crazy and energetic live performance people soon started to call the Running Irie Crew “the madd dawgz”.

RUNNING IRIE SOUND played their first gigs in 2002 germanys well known Dancehall club U-Club in Wuppertal, but started soon their own Partys; from 2003-2008 we promoted the monthly party “Ring the Alarm” at Café Ada, Wuppertal with about 400 guests, as well as other regular events like “Hardt bash” at Hardt club, “Mash up! fridayz” at Taboo club, big events with several floors, and over 600 guests like “Triple Trouble” @ Kino Center Elberfeld or open-air stage shows like “Bass im Park” with over 5000 guests. Since 2010 we promoting a monthly dance called “Dancehall University” in Wuppertal (Bloomclub), Bochum (Schauspielhaus), Düsseldorf (Rotkompot) and Cologne (Roxy) plus unregular events such as concerts with jamaican acts like Elephant Man and others. Right now you can catch us every 1. And 3.Saturday of the month @ KLUB (Wuppertal)

To keep the people listening to reggae, dancehall and RUNNING IRIE SOUND, we release every year 1-2 MIX-CDS called (PUSH UP YUH LIGHTA) with the latest in reggae-dancehall Each MIX-CD got downloaded between 10.000 and 20.000 times.

Since all these activitys were quite succesfull, RUNNING IRIE SOUND was booked through half of Europe -in Citys as Moscow/Russia, Rome/Italy, Budapest/Hungary, Berlin/Germany, Munich/Germany, Cologne/Germany, Prague/Czech Republik, Warsaw/Poland and hundreds more.

RUNNING IRIE SOUND played together with artists & Soundsystems like Elephant Man  (JA), Baby Cham (JA), Christopher MArtin (JA), Bass Odyssey Sound(JA) David Rodigan(UK), Supersonic (D),Soundquake (D), Patrice (D),Gang Starr (NY), Tony Touch (NY), Gunz n Rozez Sound (Canada), Killamanjaro (JA), Gappy Ranks (UK), Silly Walks (D), PowPow (D), Silly Walks (D) and many many more

You can also watch a 10min documentary on MTV about RUNNING IRIE SOUND (during our Europe Tour 2008 with Gunz n Rozez Sound from Canada in Budapest/Hungary) !

For more infos or bookings please send us an email to info@runningirie.de


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